Welded WireMesh For Reinforcement Concrete Pulling

ASTM A615-89

Product code
JG-010  Welded WireMesh For Reinforcement Concrete Pulling

Digital display/ computer, graphic program Color printer

It can use either in manual or automatic mode.

Suitable jaws set for flat steel and round material test Mechanic

Jaws and plates are fixed each other.

Fully automatic computerized machine.

Load cell: is suitable for ASTM E4 class 1 at %1 sensitivity

Potentiometer ruler with 10 micron sensitivity.

6 digit 20 mm Led Display Load cell indicator.

Digital Servo Control Unit:

Test parameters can be entered (Loading rate, Load, Elongation limits etc..)

Information about test can be enter.

Experiment results are given with Metric and SI unit systems.

Large permanent memory for saving test results.

6 digit 20 mm Led Display Load cell indicator with keybad.

Automatic or manual referencing system can be selected.

Digital provide calculation:

Load - expanding graph.

Max load,max extension,breaking load,elongation at break

Breaking out extending, Young modulus, Yield point calculation.

Gives experiment report contain all test results and graphs.


Hydraulic Unit:

-60 ton capacity

-Imported Solenoid valve

-Imported hydraulic pump


-Mechanic interval parts, Hydraulic hose

-Oil tank

-380V 50 Hz