Pull Off Tester

EN 1542; EN 1015-12
EN 13687-2; EN 13963

Product code
JT-1789 Pull Off Tester

This dynamometer provides you with information on both the adhesive force and the tensile strength of two layers of materials: lime, facing plasters, mortars, building plasters, cements, concrete and resistance of anchoring studs.

Compact, light (3,5 Kg.), stand-alone.

Load is applied by turning the crank.

The reading is achieved through a digital display or a dial indicator’s pointer which becomes blocked at the peak level of the testing.

Models of different capacities are available and adhesion

Metal discs having dia. 20 and 50 mm can be used, depending to the expected pull force.

The instrument is supplied without accessories to be ordered separately.

To carry out the test a common electric drill is required.