Concrete, Aggregate, Soil, Rocks And Asphalt Testing Equipment Production As Well As Import, Export and technical assistance to Serving Our company, Expert Staff Customer Satisfaction giving priority to quality and Goods Receiving meet expectations in the International Standard Self-Priority Policy as adopted.

We produce all products of Engineering and R & D Studies are conducted within our company.

Electronic Control Unit we use our devices and software are designed and produced by us. Our company is located in the High Technology Products Using the Power. Serial Addition To Our Quality Control and Production of Special Test Systems for Use in R & D Studies and designed Devices, Software And Hardware Included All Devices To Be is about to produce its own structure. Products Large Construction Site, Ready Mixed Concrete Production Plant, Cement Factory, Brick Factories, Tile Factories, Flooring Factory, Production Facilities in State Institutions Supervision And AR-in D Laboratories, Construction of Universities, mining, machinery, in Geological Engineering as Department Research & Development and Quality control is being used for. Our company found in Turkey Private Sector, Government organizations and universities as well as the World Market and End Users to both the manufacturer and marketing company products and services make. Testers Against Sector Customer Expectations Responsible, Self Excellence in Business Process Targeting Our company constantly develops all the appropriate High Reliability Standard Time is the Sun in the Consumer Products Operation.

Way of Being JEOTEST World Brand is advancing with sure steps.

Becoming Key Component of Concrete Building Materials, Concrete Quality and Strength of All Forms of Hair Structure Performance is very important. The attention to detail in quality concrete production and Haylie More information is needed. JEOTEST LTD STI International and National Standards only appropriate but also in Aggregate Concrete Testing Equipment, Cement And Steel Tester offers.

Customer Requirements Integrated Device Development, design and manufacture of Plant Capacity And Installation And JEOTEST owner of All Forms of Engineers to Provide Comprehensive Study Material Testing Equipment Soil Mechanics Test Systems Sun. Testers in this Section Latest written specifications and Standards Designed and manufactured to fit.

Concrete, Asphalt, Paving and fillers such as Building And Construction Materials Consists Largely of aggregates. General Aggregate Testing General and geometric, mechanical and physical, thermal and also can be grouped as climate Properties. These groups of Particle Size Analysis, Shape And Structure Analysis, Volume And Strength Analysis and Chemical Change Experiments jam as many experiments are inside. JEOTEST, TS EN And like many international and national standards appropriate to the experimental equipment of all Sun.

Basic Use of Bituminous Materials in Road Construction in Engineering. As the mixture is composed of two main Bituminous Materials; JEOTEST LTD STI binder and aggregate. Density of Road Traffic Conditions in today's higher performance demands are increasing. As a result of this experiment Road Building Materials to not only Component Detection Assay Performance Characteristics at the same time be subjected to said. Testers in this Part is suitable to both Turkey and the new European Standard.

Various known has a special guest Cement Binders Inside And especially developed to meet the cement mixture is further enhanced Structure Requirements Special bristle. Testers in this Section Latest written specifications and Standards Designed and manufactured to suit

  JEOTEST LTD, Concrete, Aggregates, Concrete, Asphalt And as Supporting Equipment and Accessories Required in All General Steel Experiment Laboratory Devices Sun.

This Section Steel and includes Universal Testing Machine and Accessories Metal Accessories that are used in mechanical experiments. Used in Reinforced Concrete Structure Steel, Stress and should be evaluated in bending experiments. JEOTEST LTD STI Tests for this device and its accessories are suitable with Sun

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Our initial goal without compromising with quality, has been committed to customer satisfaction, competitive, to all persons and organizations in which contact with honest and respectful relationships we aim to be in the hereafter Resume. We believe this goal as combining with our Contemporary Governance Principles of Success Brought Age in the coming century we will all embrace More JEOTEST LTD STI.

The day we started our activities today reach our targets and we know the right way Forever This is progress.