Marshall Stability Machine

ASTM D1559; AASHTO T245;DIN 1996; EN 12697-34

Product code

JAS- 005     Marshall Stability Machine

JAS- 005/1       Breaking Head 100 mm.

JAS- 005/2       Breaking Head 150 mm.

JAS- 005/3       Indirect tensile assembly 100 mm.


The Marshall Stability Test Machine is used to determine the load and flow values of bituminous mixtures. The TAS-0056 comprises a compact two col­umn frame with adjustable upper cross beam driven by an electro-mechanical ram with a maximum capacity of 50 kN and a data acquisition and processing system.

The machine can be hand operated by a lateral hand wheel for calibration

purposes. The mechanical jack raises the lower cross beam at a constant speed of 50,8 mm/min. The limit switches are provided for the both, bottom and top limit of travel.

The measuring system consists of a 50 kN capacity strain gauge load cell is fitted to the upper cross beam to read stability values and 25 mm x 0.001 mm displacement transducer fitted to the Breaking Head.

Dimensions:     450 x 605 x 960 mm.

Power:           220V 50 Hz.

Weight:         70 kg.