Semi-Automatic Penetrometer

ASTM D ;EN 1426; AASHTO T 49; BS 2000

Product code

JAS- 009   Semi-Automatic Penetrometer

JAS- 009/1    Penetration Needle.

JAS- 009/2    Transfer Dish.

JAS- 009/3   Sample Cup.


Used to determine the consistency of a bituminous sample under fixed conditions of load, time and temperature.

The penetration is expressed in distance of tenths of millimeters vertically penetrated by a standard needle

Basically structured as mod.

magnetic controller device with electronic digital programmable timer that automatically

releases the plunger head and ensures free falling of the needle

during the 5-seconds test.

Power: 220-240 V 1ph 50 Hz 200 W.

Dimensions: 220x280x410 mm.

Weight: 15 Kg.